Karachi Youthful Offender Remand Home Visit

Today we have a visit to the remand home, where Legal Rights Forum wants to establish a Juvenile Rehabilitation (Career Training) Center.  In the cab we go, and we drive about 20 minutes outside of Karachi’s center to the home.  Remand Home Entrance When we get to the home, Safi – an LRF advocate – stops at the fruit cart outside and buys several bushels of bananas for the youthful accused living there.  Living in the home currently are 15 … Continue Reading →

Intern’s Introduction to Karachi City Court

Tahir, the Legal Rights Forum Chairman and 2008 JusticeMakers Fellow, and his roommate pick me up at 10:30am to head to Karachi City Court.   On the way, Tahir tells me of the people I will meet at the courthouse today and points out legal buildings and landmarks on the way.  We drive into parking for advocates (lawyers), say goodbye to Tahir’s roommate who is also a lawyer and wander through the court grounds.  The courthouse has five main buildings, one … Continue Reading →

Legal Rights Forum hosts conference on juvenile delinquency, prominent Pakistani organizations attend

On the 29th March of this year, the Legal Rights Forum (LRF) hosted a conference on issues concerning juvenile delinquency. A number of important NGOs and civil society organizations attended, including the NGO Resource Centre, the Aga Khan Foundation, the Federal Ministry on Human Rights, the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC), the Karachi Bar Association, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), and a number of government personnel. The agenda covered an array … Continue Reading →

Tahir and the LRF work to ensure safer prison conditions for juveniles

JusticeMakers fellow Malik Tahir Iqbal paid a visit to the Malir Courts District Jail with two other members of the Legal Rights Forum team, Safi-ud-din and Shoiab Safdar. The main purpose of the visit was to assess whether juvenile prisoners are being held in a secure environment and that their legal rights and protections are being upheld. The team spoke with various police-officials, including the chief officer, and asked them to fill out questionnaires. It quickly became evident that a number … Continue Reading →

Pakistan’s LRF work to prevent police violence against juveniles

On the 6th of March of this year the Legal Rights Forum (LRF) held a press conference at Karachi Press Club to highlight the issue of police violence against children. LRF Chairman and 2008 JusticeMakers fellow, Malik Tahir Iqbal, chose to focus on one case in particular – that of a seventeen year old boy who was accused of alleged robbery. The child’s grandmother had filed a petition for the release of her grandson at the Malir Court in January … Continue Reading →