IBJ Hosts Diplomatic Roundtable on China’s New Criminal Procedure Law

This past Thursday, March 29, 2012, International Bridges to Justice organized a roundtable event to discuss the impact and significance of China’s new Criminal Procedure Law (CPL). The event was attended by top Chinese and foreign scholars in the field, UN representative, and over a dozen diplomats. Held in Ford Foundation’s China headquarters, the purpose of the roundtable was to discuss the changes to the CPL, the effects it would have on criminal procedure in China, and implementation strategies. The … Continue Reading →

The Road to Justice – IBJ Duty Lawyer Attorney Zhu Changjiang Fights For Juvenile’s Rights

This January, as China celebrated the Spring Festival and another new beginning in the Year of the Dragon, Attorney Zhu Changjiang received a phone call early one morning from a familiar voice. Pengpeng, Attorney Zhu’s 17-year old former Legal Aid client, was calling to wish him a Happy Spring Festival, continuing a friendship they both still consider very important. In 2010, Pengpeng, a local in Shaanxi’s Fufeng prefecture, was forced to drop out of school due to financial instability after … Continue Reading →

Juvenile Justice – Beijing Lecture Series and Roundtable Discussion

This past weekend, beginning on Saturday, January 7, 2012, as some of the winter season’s first snow fell, International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) held a juvenile defense training seminar in coordination with China’s Democracy and Rule of Law Magazine at the Friendship Hotel in Beijing. The event was part of both IBJ’s Defense Empowerment Corps. (DEC) Program, as well as it’s Juvenile Justice Program. Sessions on Saturday and Sunday were well attended, with 39 people participating; including four DEC partners … Continue Reading →

December 4th China Legal Publication Day: Shanxi Province On-Site Legal Advice

In conjunction with several other activities relating to National Legal Publication Day, China’s International Bridges to Justice program cooperated with the Shanxi University of Finance and Economics to develop an on-site legal advice forum and disseminate legal rights brochures. A collection that included more than fifty students from the Shanxi University of Finance and Economics’ School of Law and communist youth league committee, as well as three representatives from Peking University, began by gathering to form a volunteer legal aid … Continue Reading →

Little Law Fighter – IBJ China’s December 4th Program in Jinan, Shandong Province

As part of International Bridges to Justice’s contribution to China’s December 4th National Legal Publication Day this year, IBJ partnered with the Legal Aid Association of Shandong University to organize a legal rights awareness event in the Songliu Primary Migrant Worker’s School, with the goal of promoting legal education among migrant school children. The event attracted a large and diverse crowd, with more than 250 migrant students in attendance. Apart from the children, there were 25 law students, 20 volunteers, … Continue Reading →

Sanjeewa Liyanage at Beijing Normal University: Can We End Torture in the 21st Century? Yes We Can!

November 9, Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China – After attending the IBJ China staff retreat in Beijing, IBJ’s International Program Director Sanjeewa Liyanage took his final evening in China to give a lecture at the Beijing Normal University Criminal Law School. The lecture was made possible by Professor Wang Xiu Mei, a leading international criminal expert in China. Mr. Liyanage spoke to a room filled with attentive Masters and PhD law students, highlighting the need to end torture around the … Continue Reading →

Me, Us, and Now: Community Building, Challenges, and Hope for IBJ, China

On November 7, International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) brought together China’s three Defender Resource Centers in Beijing for a staff retreat. Members of the Wuhan office, Xi’an office, and Beijing office joined IBJ’s International Program Director Sanjeewa Liyanage for a two-day program of community building and program development through reflection on shared experiences and the collective values of IBJ. By bringing the individual parts of China’s IBJ program together, the staff was able to communicate, as a whole, the challenges, … Continue Reading →

IBJ eLearning Surveys Held for Lawyers and Students

As part of the first public event held in IBJ’s new Beijing office, the National Defender Resource Center ran a survey last week to evaluate and improve IBJ’s eLearning modules. As part of the process, five lawyers from various law firms, as well as one law student from a local Beijing University, came to the office to view a selection of modules, and then reply to several survey questions developed by IBJ. The lawyers started to trickle in around 10:30 … Continue Reading →

Important Developments in Defending the Disadvantaged – Legal Training Workshop in Shandong Province

On September 17, IBJ’s Southeast Defender Resource Center coordinated a training with the Rizhao Legal Aid Center of Lanshan’s District Bureau of Justice in Shandong Province. The goal of this training workshop was to inform and train the members of Rizhao’s Legal Aid Center, particularly focusing on the theories and practices of criminal defense for the disadvantaged. Of the 109 participants comprised at the training, there was a vast collection of legal minds, including 45 legal aid lawyers, 52 private … Continue Reading →