Falsely accused

by Megan Williams March 2014 IBJ was recently successful in helping a client named Mr. Hung Jaya from Banteay Meanchey province. Mr. Jaya was originally charged with theft of a motorbike and cell phone.  Mr. Jaya lives with his family in a small village in Banteay Meanchey.  He works very hard to provide for his family some of who are elderly. Mr. Jaya who had received a call from his cousin one evening asked him to meet him.  When Mr. … Continue Reading →

IBJ lawyer, IBJ clients and IBJ lawyer’s assistant in front of the IBJ office, in the court yard of Battambang provincial Court.

A False Crime Arose From Jealousy

By Da-Eun Seok Battambang – January 2014 On a beautiful morning, two young, pretty girls entered into the IBJ office in Battambang, located behind the Provincial Court. They put their hands together and rose them up to their nose, greeting with the words “Chhum-Reap-Ssu-a”, “hello” in Khmer. They sat down, and we started to talk about what happened to them and to their other sister. At quarter to nine, on 17th August 2011, Kanika (the oldest sister), Chenda (the second sister) … Continue Reading →

The Cambodia Chronicles 6/6: A Bright Future for Cambodia

Throughout the retreat and my time with various colleagues in Cambodia, I was moved by the group of committed lawyers IBJ is blessed with. One of those committed lawyers was Tharun who I do not know very well. Like Mr. Vandeth, he’s not one with many words. But into the second year of his work in remote Prey Veng, Mr. Vandeth identified him as one of the leaders. A great quality of a leader is not only to lead, but … Continue Reading →

A Day In the Life of a Duty Lawyer: Mr. Ashwani Kumar Bali (2/2)

April 4, 2014 When I arrived at Karkardooma Courthouse, Mr. Bali was speaking with a man intently, smiling and holding up a finger to me, indicating that I was to wait just a second while he continued to address the man.  I had met Mr. Bali once before, and knew him to be kind and dedicated to his work.  This seemed to be an example of that.   I took the time to look around.  Each floor of the courthouse … Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of Duty Lawyer, Shiv Kumar Dwivedi Part 1/2

By: Courtney Marie Skiles April 4, 2014 I rode next to IBJ India Duty Lawyer Shiv Kumar Dwivedi on the Delhi Bar Association bus that travels between the city’s courthouses.  Shiv, who was lost in thought, had agreed to take me along to court with him.  Between explanations about how a client could file a bail application and be released from pre-trial detention, Shiv would get quiet for long periods. Are you thinking about your case? I asked.  Yes! he laughed.  … Continue Reading →

The Cambodia Chronicles 5/6: Two Inspiring Days of Staff Retreat

  First day of the retreat: On the 12th of February, we all gathered at the Tonle Bassak Restaurant in Phnom Penh. This is a famous place to dine for locals and foreigners alike. Its buffet is unbeatable for the price you pay. Who were we? We were all staff and volunteers with IBJ Cambodia and me. We were not there for lunch or dinner but we gathered in a nice state-of-the-art meeting room for our first day of the … Continue Reading →

The Cambodia Chronicles 4/6: Driving through killing fields in Battambang

On the evening of February 10th, we arrived at Battambang, possibly the second largest city in Cambodia. After freshening up, Vandeth and Tharun came by my hotel to pick me up and Mr. Vandeth told me that we are going to a western restaurant for dinner. Battambang still had a lot of old buildings and old shop houses, like in Macau. The old French architecture was still surviving. We dined at the famous White Rose restaurant, not a glamorous upscale … Continue Reading →

IBJ Lawyers scrutinize Cambodia criminal codes and put them into practice

By M. Williams and J. Salomé On 24th and 25th March 2014 International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) partnered with the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) to host an inaugural Defense Lawyers Training Program.  IBJ invited all its lawyers, lawyer assistants and legal interns from its provincial offices. Keith Raynor, ECCC Senior Assistant Prosecutor, Nicholas Koumjian, International Prosecutor, and Song Chorvoin, National Deputy Co-Prosecutor, led an intense and interactive training, involving guest lawyers from Cambodia, France, Germany and … Continue Reading →

The Cambodia Chronicles Part 3/6: Jumping from Siem Reap to Banteay Meanchey

Tharun told me not to stay inside the car while crossing the river. I soon realized the ferry itself was quite fragile! But I was already on it and it started its journey across this very wide river. My eyes fell on the orange life vests hanging on a line around the ferry. Judging from the number of people on the ferry, there weren’t enough life jackets. In front of our car was a white mini van. Soon a group … Continue Reading →

The Cambodia Chronicles Part 2/6: Surviving the “massage road” to rejoin with IBJ Legal Fellow’s Mao Sary – The sole lawyer for the Ratanakiri Provincial Prison

By Sanjeewa Liyanage I was sufficiently warned about the road to Ratanakiri. I was expecting a rough ride. After lunch at the Kratie floating village and missing the opportunity to see river dolphins off the coast of Kratie in the Mekong river, we set off towards Stung Streng.  When we arrived at the beginning of the 60km stretch we realized how bad the road was. Tharun had to navigate through huge potholes gently. And Vandeth maintained his humor during this … Continue Reading →